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Established in 1996, Cy’Era Cirnechi is the first USA breeding kennel dedicated to the Cirneco dell’Etna.  With over forty Cirnechi imported from Italy, the country of origin, Cy’Era Cirnechi takes great pride in its success in preserving and promoting breed type and function.

Co-Founder of National Parent Club, Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America, 2017 Westminster BOS, 2016 Westminster BOB & BOS, Annual 1998-present National Specialty and AKC Nationals BOB and/or BOS, first AKC Cirneco dell’Etna Certificate of Merit award. Top Cirneco in Italy 2011 & Multiple World, European & Italian Specialty Show winners. Founded in 1996 as the first American kennel dedicated exclusively to the Cirneco dell’Etna.

AKC Breeder of Merit

Cy’Era Cirnechi takes great pride in its success in preserving and promoting breed type and function.

Breed Information

The Cirneco dell’Etna is one of few ancient breeds that has undergone very little manipulation by man.  It has been selected by nature, by the environment and by its use as a rabbit hunter over the 2500 years it has been present in Sicily.  The Cirneco is an extremely hardy breed, free from inherited health problems, affectionate and friendly.  It is biddable and considered easier to train than some of its sighthound cousins.  It shares the same origins in the Mediterranean basin as the Pharaoh and Ibizan hounds.

Cy'Era Cirnechi Litters

cyera-6Cy’Era is proud to have completed the full alphabet of litters since 1996.  Along with imports of more than 50 Cirnechi, we have whelped 29 litters – 150 puppies excelling as exemplars of breed type and function while possessing good temperaments. For current information please Visit us on Facebook


There are three litters planned at this time in the next 18 months. For current information please Visit us on Facebook
December 4, 2016 Cy’Era Z
September 19, 2016 Cy’Era Y
June 9, 2016 Cy’Era X
May 18, 2016 Cy’Era W
October 18, 2014 Cy’Era V
October 13, 2014 Cy’Era U
January 3, 2014 Cy’Era T
November 8, 2013 Cy’Era S
August 3, 2012 Cy’Era R
November 5, 2011 Cy’Era Q
December 27, 2010 P Cy’Era P
May 12, 2010 Cy’Era O
September 13, 2009 Cy’Era N
July 30, 2009 Cy’Era M
August 16, 2008 Cy’Era L
May 25, 2007 Cy’Era K
July 16, 2006 Cy’Era J
June 28, 2006 Cy’Era I
May 10, 2005 Cy’Era H
June 12, 2004 Hadranensis – Cy’Era F
October 11, 2003  Hadranensis C Imported
June 21, 2003 Cy’Era G
August 27, 2002 Cy’Era F
July 4, 2002 Cy’Era E
June 9, 2001 Cy’Era D2
May 29, 2001 Cy’Era D
May 10, 2000 Cy’Era C
October 16, 1999 Cy’Era “B”
September 7, 1998 Cy’Era “A” Lexus

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Cirneco dell'Etna Club of America AKC Breed Standard
CdECA_LOGO_2009_10General Appearance

Medium sized hunting dog, elegant, slender build but strong and hardy. Long limbed, of light construction and square outline with a fine coat and upright ears always alert.

The following description is that of the ideal Cirneco dell’Etna. Any deviation from the below described dog must be penalized to the extent of the deviation.


A keen hunter. Adaptable to difficult terrain. Hunts by scent, sight and hearing. Strong-willed, alert and an excellent companion.

Size, Proportion


Dogs 18-19 ½ inches, tolerance 17 ½-20 ½ inches;
Bitches 16 ½ -19 inches. Tolerance 16-19 ½ inches
Height not within the tolerance is a disqualification.
Length from point of shoulder to haunch bone equal to height at withers.



Alert expression.


Relatively small, oval in shape, semi-lateral position. Amber or ochre blending with coat. Pigmentation of the eyelid rims corresponding to the color of the nose. Brown or yellow iris is a fault to be severely penalized. Walleye is a disqualification.


Set very high and close together, upright and rigid, parallel or almost parallel when alert. Triangular shape with narrow tip. Length not more than half the head. Totally hanging ears or bat ears are a disqualification.


Width of skull no more than one half the length of head, in profile almost flat. Lean and well chiseled.


Slight stop.


Length of muzzle equal to or only slightly less than length of skull.


Top of skull and foreface parallel or slightly divergent.


Bridge of nose straight. Nose rather large, flesh colored, blending with coat.


Flat cheeks.


Lower jaw lightly developed with receding chin. Overshot mouth or undershot mouth is a disqualification.


Thin, taut lips, just covering the teeth of the lower jaw.


Regular and complete scissor bite, I.E.Upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Full dentition desirable.

Neck, Topline & Body


Length the same as the head. Strong, clean, well arched and muscular. Set well into shoulders.


Straight topline sloping from withers towards croup.



Reaches to, or nearly to, the elbow, without going beyond.


Slightly sprung, narrow but never flat.

Underline & tuck-up:

Clean, gently rising underline, lean without excessive tuck-up.


Upper profile straight without conspicuous muscles, the length is approximately three times the length of the loin.


Length of loin is approximately one fifth of the height at the withers and its width is nearly the same as its length. Short, slightly developed muscles but firm.


Croup has flat profile, sloping steeply downwards to root of tail.


Low set, fairly thick at base, reaching to point of hock. Of equal thickness for most of its length. Carried high and curved when dog is in action; sabre fashion when in repose. Hair on tail is semi-long and close. Tail curled over the back is a fault to be severely penalized.



Shoulder blade (scapulum) to horizontal 55° – 60° .


Strong, long, moderately laid back.

Shoulder blades:

Upper tips close together. Length close to 1/3 the height at the withers.

Upper arm:

Length of upper arm slightly less than length of shoulder blade.


Level or below the line of the brisket and well tucked in.


Forelegs straight and parallel when viewed from the front.


Strong and slightly sloping.


May not be removed.


Strong and muscular. Limbs parallel when viewed from behind.


Not excessively angulated. In profile a vertical line from rear point of buttock to ground close to or touching the tips of the toes. Angle between pelvis and upper thigh is about 115°.


Upper thigh:

Broad, long, upper thigh with flat muscles.


Moderate bend of stifle.

Second thigh:

Slightly shorter than the upper thigh. Lean and distinct musculature with light bone structure. Groove at achilles tendon well marked.

Hock joint:

Angle at the joint is about 145°.


Wide outer surface, cylindrical shape and vertical position. Length from sole of foot to point of hock is just over a quarter of the height at the withers.




Strong, well knuckled, firm, slightly oval, turning neither in nor out.


Well padded, hard and of the same color as the nails. Black pads are a disqualification.


Brown or flesh colored. Black nails are a disqualification.


Short on head, ears and legs. Short to semi-long (about 1 ¼“) on body, but sleek and close, ranging from fine to slightly coarse. No feathering.


Self-colored light to dark shades of tan or chestnut. With a mixture of slightly lighter and darker hairs, or with more or less extensive white. White collar, self-colored white or white with orange patches is less desired. Total depigmentation, self-colored brown or liver; brown patches or hairs; brindle coat or any presence of black patches, hairs, pigmentation or mucous membranes are a disqualification.


Springy trot without excessive extension. Viewed from behind, hind legs track the forelegs. Tendency to throw feet sideways or hackney action undesirable.


Strong, lively, independent temperament. Gentle and affectionate.

Disqualifying faults

Walleye; overshot mouth; undershot mouth; total depigmentation; totally hanging ears or bat ears; self-colored brown or liver; brown patches or hairs; brindle coat; any presence of black – patches, hairs, pigmentation, nails, pads or mucous membranes; height not within the tolerance.


RIP-1This site is dedicated to our beloved Cirnechi those little friends and companions that gave us their unconditional love; to those beings that became our furry babies that we never quite loved enough.

When they are gone our lives are drastically impacted; we are left with a deep sorrow that can not be easily expressed but only felt inside our hearts.

Grieving is a process, with time comes the acceptance that they are no longer with us. If there are other pets, most likely they are grieving as well. Tears are not easy to hold back but help us overcome our loss.

A way of going on, is passing to a new generation the love and affection that once they gave us.

R.I.P. Fendi
June-11-2004 – Aug-18-2014

My dearest darling boy, there isn’t a cure that can hold your mama’s heart from braking. But I would like to share with the world what a magnificent and loving little hound you were, “I learned so much from you my little boy; you never gave up, you always got what you wanted, I loved your determination and strength and the absolute devotion you had for your mama. The care you shared with your papa and and the love and affection with your little sister Fatima. You live in your kids, grand-kids, great-grand kids… you live in me. I LOVE YOU MY BOY.”

R.I.P. Faustus
June-11-2004 – Aug-18-2015

Faustus, replica of his grandfather Toto in every way, When I first met you I loved your tender heart and strong willing character. You will be missed always my darling boy.

R.I.P. Diva

Beauty in every step of the way… You left us with your beautiful babies and in each one of them you will be remembered thank you…


Farah aka Tara
R.I.P. Farah
June-11-2004 – Aug- -2015

Farah you went too soon. Joyful full of energy little girl, the beauty of your mom Diva you always carried so beautifully; you were the perfect little girl. We miss you tremendously.

Cy’Era Sophia
06.07.01 ~ 10.09.06

In Loving Memory of Cy’Era Sophia aka “Moose”
and “Luna” (As in Lunatic).

Loving Family Member of Barbara,
Andrew, Justin and Adam

Faithful friend of Benji

Our Dear Sophie, You came through our lives
and went much too quickly.

I thought we’d grow old together.

You left an imprint on our hearts
and anyone who knew you.

You were a wonderful girl, so gentle and easy to love.

We will miss you and never, ever forget you.

Love Always, Mommy, Dad, Justin, Adam & Benji.

P.S. I heard there’s a Ben & Jerry’s up in heaven
and it’s all you can eat!

P.S.S.: Mommy Dearest (Camilla),
Grammy Karen, Aunt Maria,
Sister Dona and Nick
love and miss your kisses and smiles!

My dearest Concordia, to those who knew you, you were an amazing and gorgeous friend. You left us with wonderful memories to pass on to new generations of Cirnechi. You will always be missed.




Sweet Frida, you left a generation a amazing hunters, with your wonderful instinct you made sure your kids follow the ancient line of pure hunter, thank you for you wonderful character and your dancing way… we will always miss you



Our beloved Ron, amazing dad grand-dad of many generation, you left us a legacy bravery and willingness in each one of your kids and passed on to you generation of amazing hunters… we will miss you.


Aetnensis Tamusnomineteddy
07.22.96 ~10.25.05

Teddy loved ice cream, shrimp, Alma, and me.
He was so compassionate and he would not just worry about you, he would try to help.
Having him around was like having a little person who couldn’t speak but who understood you perfectly and a year later there is still such a hole in my life that he filled so beautifully.

Did you want stories?
I don’t know how to pick….
there was the time he caught the opossum and dropped it happily at my feet….
the first day we met, at Lucia’s, when he heard Pupa coming and ran over to stand between her and me (“MY person!!”)….
how constantly he cared for Alma and how careful he was with her puppies….
how quickly he appeared when you opened the freezer door and there was any chance of ice cream….
how lovingly he cuddled on the bed with me at night taking his half out of the middle!

When I think about him now, I think of him standing in a field, healthy again, meeting other dogs interested and friendly, but then he misses me, and when he turns around
to look for me, I’m coming.
I’m crying now and if he were here, he would have his chin propped on my knee, worrying about me.
We were a perfect pair.
05.15.99 ~ 12.30.05

Eracle “Eric” was such a joy to have at our home. We thought farm life would be great for him and he did love the outdoors and running with our miniature horses and chasing the squirrels. We formed a bond with Eric that still seems like he is still here.
He always sat in our laps when we watched TV in the evenings, and every time we opened the door to go out, he was right on our heels, not wanting to be left out of whatever we were going to do….
Sometimes certain animals come into your life and have a profound effect, Eric was one of those special animals that will forever live in our hearts.

Frisu dei Casorati
09.05.93 ~ 03.15.06

Never having seen a Cirneco before, one Sunday we visited Lucia simply to meet one. When Lucia introduced Frisu he promptly climbed into Jan’s lap, ears bright red.

No doubt about it, that was one smart dog who immediately understood who he had to win over in the family. However, from day one, there was never any doubt that Frisu adored Bill.
Together they took every step while Frisu patiently listened to Bill’s long conversations and lectures. Frisu came to the States only knowing Italian but promptly learned English and “Texan”.
Likewise, he, too, would talk when we came home or when greeting someone he knew. Frisu always had a story to tell.

Frisu was distinguished, a real gentlemen.
He didn’t really play with doggy toys (other than balls and Frisbees) or like junk food. But when getting treats,
if Bill told him “all gone”, Frisu would quietly climb into Bill’s lap
and covertly glance at the table or plate just to make sure.

Frisu blossomed when we moved to the country.
Every morning Bill, Frisu and the girls (by then we had Cara and Pupa) would go out back to the brush pile to hunt rabbits.
What a grand time they had except for the time Frisu flushed out a skunk and got sprayed in the face. Months later when the girls found another skunk Frisu simply turned around, flattened his ears, and returned to the house wisely letting the girls handle the situation.

We miss him so much. I still see him out of the corner of my eye
or down by the lake running from tree to tree happily chasing the squirrels. I still hear him howling when Bill left the house and
didn’t take him. And we both miss his stories and
enthusiastic greetings. He was elegant, graceful,
and a huge part of our life.

Cy’Era Cicely
10.16.99 ~ 09.15.06

Tosca, known as Cicely the first 3yrs of her life and later lovingly known as Titi, doodie, piggie, princess, shu shu, bunny, pigpie, neenee, hunnybunn, punkin, and Big Mouth had to leave Dante and me on Sept 15th, 2006. She would have been 7 yrs old this November. It was so unexpected, so unbelievable,
it’s still very hard to grasp both her being
gone and now navigating the
massive empty space she has left behind.
She was the sweetest, most loving, sensitive dog I have ever had. When she came to me Lucia brought with her a stuffed pig.
She slept with the pig every night under a blanket. She would actually put her whole mouth
on the pig and her arms around it (it was almost as big as she was) and she would fall asleep breathing through her nose.
She added so much to my life with her amazing little personality that became more evident as time went on and she was able to be more and more herself.

Every day when I would come home she would be waiting with squeals and smiles, kisses and hugs. Her life with me was as good as I could make it for her. She got long walks off leash in open space rain or shine (much to the chagrin to the rodent population). She and Dante slept in my bed, had cookies every night, cheese snacks every day, stuffed squeaky toys to gut and play tugowar with and as much love and freedom as I could give.
Dante and I will never forget her. It will take a lifetime to mourn her.

Cy’Era Carlo Salvatore

You made the world a happier place for everyone and everything you touched. Never a bad moment for this brave and sensitive “Little Squirt”, knowing only goodness and love.
Although they are breaking, thank God for hearts that hold a part of your essence.
…until we meet again.

02.07.91 ~ 06.25.02

World Champion 1994
Veteran World Champion 2000
Italian Champion
An unexpected loss of a heart and noble nature that overshadowed a regal and distinguished physical beauty.
Too young, too vibrant, too willing to try all the new “American Adventures”
Lure coursing and hunting rabbits that don’t burrow into the sandy soil.

A new land embraced as a “Veteran” and never missed a step.


Dear Ami, You will always live in our hearts, and in the hearts of your babies. I know you watch over us, and also that you have a special place amongst the stars.

There aren’t words to express our pain and sorrow, you were gone too soon.

You live in your kids, Faustus, Ferrari, Fedra, Farah, Fatima, Fendi, Farid, Finale, Falco

Giltedged Godiva Seta del Oro
07.31.97 ~ 09.28.05

Godiva loved to run! In fact, she loved it so much that she ran off one early morning in search of whatever the lure was. As always, it was difficult to get her to change focus and come on back to the comfort of her house, her bed, her buddies (Enzo and Rosy and me). Wherever she is, I sure hope she is still happily chasing the lure. We all miss her feisty yet loving, independent self. Life ain’t the same without her.

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